We understand what it takes to provide continuous, high-quality investigative services to the defense bar and insurance industry.

Since our founding in 1946, Irving J. Stein and his brother Sam Stein established a reputation for reliable and ethical investigative services. In fact, many consider that we have set the standard for investigation quality in California.

In 2001, Stein Investigation Agency joined forces with DMA Claims Services, a national claims adjusting and administration company, expanding our resources.

Our investigative expertise allows us to quickly identify any "red flags" that help resolve the case within budget.


Our investigators represent a comprehensive set of backgrounds and insurance disciplines.

Paul Poulin, 
Stein Investigation Agency Manager
Paul Poulin
Stein Investigation Agency Manager

Paul is the Manager of Stein Investigation Agency and the California Region of DMA Claims, Inc., Stein's parent company. He has over 35 years of investigation and insurance claims field experience and administration.

Paul started his career as an investigator in Los Angeles and was then promoted to a management position. He is familiar with casualty, healthcare, and Workers' Compensation claims investigations, having trained numerous field investigators firsthand. He has hired, trained, and managed investigators across the U.S., such as California, Chicago, New York, and Boston, to name a few areas.

Paul has conducted fraud training seminars on surveillance, background investigations, and social media investigations and training classes on claims investigations for casualty, Workers' Compensation, and Life and Health insurance carriers. 

We look forward to investigating your case!

Russell Wikoff, 
Stein Investigation Client Services Manager
Russell Wikoff
Stein Investigation Client Services Manager

Russell brings a wealth of experience to his role at DMA and Stein Investigations, shaped by his six years of dedicated service in the U.S. Army as a reconnaissance Sergeant. After the military, he transitioned into the medical field, where Russ honed his skills as a CNA/EMT working in a Neurological Telemetry Unit. His diverse background enhanced his medical expertise and gave him a unique investigative perspective.

Russ joined Stein Investigations in 2014, conducting Surveillance and Worker's Compensation Investigations. He was then promoted in 2016 to the California branch's Marketing and Client Services division, where he oversees these duties for Stein Investigations. 

Russ actively engages in ongoing education and industry events, ensuring he remains current. He currently chairs two important committees for the Combined Claims Conference, held annually in Orange County, CA. Russ often travels to personally connect with clients, fostering lasting relationships and ensuring exceptional investigative services. 

Diana Balentine, 
Stein Investigation Technical Supervisor
Diana Balentine
Stein Investigation Technical Supervisor

Diana joined David Morse & Associates, a DMA Company, in 1985 as an investigator and insurance claim adjuster. She immediately embarked upon a course of training covering several lines of business, such as general and auto liability, Workers' Compensation, Fidelity Bonds, property, and Directors & Officers. 

Diana started her career in technical supervision at Stein Investigation Agency in 2018. Her role involves overseeing the technical execution of all investigations to ensure the work produced is consistent and of excellent quality. Diana's expertise in SIU investigations and knowledge of our various client requirements make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Chris Burns, 
Senior Vice President, David Morse & Associates
Chris Burns
Senior Vice President, David Morse & Associates

Chris Burns is Vice President for Independent Adjusters for David Morse & Associates, a DMA Company. He went on to positions as a Program Manager and Regional Manager. In 2013, he was appointed Vice President of Personal Lines Marketing. He was then promoted to his current position of Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Chris has over 34 years of professional insurance and claims experience, specializing in commercial and personal lines independent adjusting services. As the Senior Vice President of Marketing for David Morse & Associates, Chris works closely with carriers and third-party administrators to improve
company growth.

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